Time to Live Joyfully!

If you’re frustrated, unhappy and stressed at work, you’re not alone. If you feel that there is something more but you’re just not sure what it is, then you’re in a good place to begin to discover your life purpose and begin to experience joy in your life.

Donna Every is an Accountant turned Entrepreneur. After years of working in Audit Advisory Services and Corporate Finance at one of the (then) Big Six firms, she walked away to pursue her life purpose of helping people to live fulfilled and joyful lives. She finds joy in helping them to discover their purpose, overcome obstacles to success and learn ways to make money doing what they love.

Learn from someone who has walked the path successfully

Since leaving the accounting firm in 1998, Donna has operated her own training and consulting business. In 2008 her first book “What Do You Have In Your House?” 
was published which led to interviews on radio stations across the US.

She was also featured on the cover of Personal Excellence 
magazine in June 2010 for her article Beating the Economy based on her book.
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Speaking at the ACCA Caribbean Recognition Ceremony
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On the cover of Personal Excellence

Donna's Featured Novel
"The Price of Freedom"
Set in Barbados and Carolina in 1696, The Price of Freedom is the story of slavery and freedom, love and hatred, disgrace and redemption.

In 1670 a group of Barbadian Adventurers left Speightstown in Barbados and sailed to Carolina where they established Charles Town.

Twenty-six years later, Richard Fairfax, son of one of the original settlers, leaves Carolina to visit his uncle’s sugar plantation in Barbados, at a time when the island is at the peak of its wealth and influence and the planters live like gods, denying themselves nothing.

Deborah, is a beautiful quadroon house slave, whose hunger for freedom makes her vulnerable to Richard who is captivated by her beauty and spirit. He holds the keys to her freedom, but will she be willing to pay the price? And will Richard be the one to find himself enslaved?

Find out in this exciting novel The Price of Freedom.

The Price of Freedom
The Price of Freedom